August 21, 2015

July 15, 2013

Delivery 2.0 ... Part One

Ok basi gilerr.. Tapi since masih teringat2 nie... better tulis kat sini, before rasa sakit tuh ilang... hahahaha :P

- Today is my check up day, before my gynea nak pergi bercuti. Since the expected date (13/12/12 awal 10 hari, ikut time fayyadh lahir) tuh my gynea today's check up is quite important for me and also the baby. If everything is okay, and baby tak kuar awal, my last date of check up is on 22/12/12 and the EDD is 23/12/12.

- Since early of the morning, raser cam tak selesa sket...... the contraction pun is very very very mild. But since ada check up and ada raser sakit sket, we all just prepare the bags to pack up. Just in case doc nak tahan ker aper kan.

- During check up everything was okay. Alhamdulillah....told the doc that I felt the uneasy condition. According to the doc - I haven't dilate yet...but was advised to stay nearby. Jgn gie jalan jauh2...hehehee

- So since tak kena tahan...we all headed home. Singgah kat Jusco Balakong untuk beli all Fayyadh's school preparation - baju, beg, kasut semualah..... sebab takut tak sempat dah pas nie.

- Still feeling uneasy, tapi malas sgt nak balik rumah just rest. Rasa nak sgt makan udang ngan petai, since malas nak layan sgt raser sakit tuh... so I planned to cook sambal udang petai, sawi masak air and ikan goreng for dinner. So aku gagahkan juga pergi membeli brg2 tuh di market....( mmg agak beria nak masak ) Sebab nanti dalam pantang dah tak leh nak makan best2 dah kan.. hahaha

- Since keadaan saya agak macam kenderaan berat, so masak pon rilek2 jer laaa..tak terkejar2. Penat berdiri, masak laaa sambil duduk kan...hahahaaa. Almost 9pm the dinner and table was ready. So there we are, the 3 of us enjoying our dinner...... And Ummi yang paling beria makan okay, siap licin sambal udang tuh..mmg sgt beria.

- At 10pm went upstair....ingat nak rehat baring jap before taking a shower. Mmg raser letih sgt...tapi ku gagahkan juga pergi ke shower. Tak selesa rasernya nak terus tido ngan badan berminyak2 pas masak. Bila buang air tuh, time nak flush rasernya terpandang ader sikit darah dekat toilet bowl. Checked if I have any bleeding, takder plak....So continued shower as usual. Biler dah settle mandi, nak melangkah keluar dari toilet..i heard the "POP" sound and that moment I'm not sure if that the sound of air ketuban yg pecah. Tapi ader air yg meleleh kuar (dgn banyak) biler nak buang air. So quickly told Mr.mcStreamy and we decided to visit the hospital again. Sempat mandikan fayyadh and siapkan beg dier. Since my mom and lil bro is away, no one to look after Fayyadh kan. Managed to get help from my cousins and luckily Fayyadh pon agreed to stay over their house

- Arrived Sunway Medical just before midnite. McSteamy send me straight away to emergency. Told Fayyadh that maybe it's about time for me to delivered the baby. Hug him tightly and said that Aunty Nani will come over and looked after him. And actually that was my last moment seeing him as my little baby boy...sob sob sob.

- Sedih, sakit and confused. That was the mixed up feeling when they send me to the delivery suite on the wheelchair. Sedih sebab tinggalkan Fayyadh sensorang, my mom and lil bro cannot be with him. Sakit sebab rasa contraction. tp tak sakit sgt....kompius sebab, doc check pagi tadi cakap okay...lambat lagi nak bukak.

- The staff do all the necessary preparation. Check air ketuban...(it supposed to be clear watery) but mine air ketuban yang keluar agak kotor. And at that moment I'm already 4cm dilated. Waiting patiently for my gynea to arrived to further examined me. Time tuh mmg dah byk air ketuban keluar. tapi the colouring agak kotor!

- It's passed midnite. My anesthetist is already brief me on the procedure. My gynea arrived a bit late. Yes, I have to undergo the c-sect procedure. The baby already poop inside and eventho I have dilated 4cm, my gynea don't want to take any risk to me and even the babe. Air ketuban yg keluar makin lama makin dikhuatiri masuk paru2 baby plak.

- The decision have to be made. McSteamy agak senyap and terkesima. I asked the doc which option is the fastest recovery... So I'm agreed to undergo half-body precedure and sign the form.Both me and McSteamy agak speecehless, don't know what to say and what to expect...since this is first time for us...and agak emergency. But apa2 pon we pray hard that the baby will be okay.

- The nurse prepped me for the operation. I have to remove my contact lense. So penglihatan agak blur2...maklom laaa rabun! Sumer berlaku dengan agak pantas... macam dikire emergency jugak nie..Aku tak ingat if the nurses ader cucuk kat belakang ker aper, but yg paling ingat is dier cucuk lubang kecing... Itu mmg sakit giler, raser cam nak sepak jer...hahahaa. Deep down agak frust tak dapat bersalin normal, but apa2 pon it's the best.

- As soon as the nurses ready, I was send to the OT. Since both of us agak2 blur (sebab semua berlaku dgn agak cepat dan pantas) aku tak sempat nak salam, cium tangan McSteamy and kiss him. Nak mintak maaf pon x sempat kan...hummm. McSteamy send me to the door and was not allowed to enter the OT..huhuhuuhuuuu

First time in the OT
- Errr mmg saspen. Being alone, half naked and with stranger mmg raser saspen gilerrrr!!! ... I can't remember when I started to feeling numb. The anesthetic doc keep talking to me and explain what are they doing to me to keep me awake and calm. I do feel that my lower abdomen been tucked here and there. The gynea siap tanya " Fiza, awak rasa apa2 tak..? " I just reply...entah laaa doc, raser mcm ader sesuatu di bawah tuh.. hahahaaaa. Raser mcm perut ditekan2 dan ditolak2....all happend in a few minutes. Tak lama lepas tuh dengar the baby was crying, one of the nurse show me the baby and confirmed it's a girl....Alhamdulillah, Syukur

Hummm, macam nie laaa rupernye lebih kurang time operation hrtuh


February 22, 2013

An Over Whelming 2013

Yerrr, mmg sgt, sgt, sgt overwhelmed. This post is supposed to be publish earlier on....but as I've said, sooooooooooooooo overwhelm sampai dah overdue.. hahahahaa

As i'm just learning to adjust my life with my co- star - Baby Luna and plus still berpantang, Abang Fayyadh pulak baru nak masuk skolah.... phewwwww mmg agak kronik.

Baby Luna 1st day at home
But, Alhamdulillah my mom was there to help me through for the first 3 weeks.

I've missed Fayyadh's orientation and also his first day at school :(. Just merisik2 khabar from my mom and Mr. McSteamy...others I just can imagine how he's doing at school.

So glad Fayyadh is doing well during his 1st day. Actually he's pretty much excited to go to school.

Fayyadh during Standard 1 Orientation day
Owhh, Fayyadh also already turn 6....since Ummi still berpatang mmg tak celebrate sgt pon. That will be postponed later okay :)

Sleep...? Dah mmg x cukup.... Bayangkan baru lepas breastfeed Baby Luna around 4am....tidur kejap and then wake up at 6am untuk siap2kan Abang Fayyadh pulak. Mmg agak pening pas tuh...

That was before.....

But now slowly I'm okay with it but still struggling.

Both need attention, mmg sumtime gune khidmat 1 tgn. Satu tgh tepuk fayyadh to sleep, satu tgn breastfeed Baby Luna...hahhaaa

Buah hati pengarang jantung sayaaaaaaa :)
But above all, I cannot make it through without support and help from Mr. McSteamy. Half of the duty menjaga Baby Luna is taken care by him, since he is the walking and standing pillow.... hhahaahaa !  If I haven't said enough - thanks luv for your help, support and understanding. Sgt sgt menghargai....

Luv, luv, luv. Our new bundle of joy ...

Till then.... babai

December 31, 2012

Great gift in small packages... :)

Alhamdulillah, I safely delivered a healthy baby girl.
Baby Luna - a few hours after being born.
Introducing our new co-star - Luna Humaira bt Mohd Razali - born 11th December 2012 at 1.26am at Sunway Medical Center. Weight 2.67kg

December 10, 2012

Homemade Grilled Lamb Recipe

Remember my last post pasal Homemade Grilled harituh...? Kunun2 nak share resepi kan....hahahahahha. Sebenarnya resepi tuh tak dijumpai,lepas masak tuh....

Tapi tadi baru jumpa balik. So sebelum resepi tuh hilang again....baik siap2 update kat sini...hhehehehe :D

1) Marinated lamb
Kalo nak senang beli yang dah siap marinated. Tapi nak marinate sendiri pon tak susah. 

Bahan - bahan
Bawang besar, bawang putih, sos tiram,honey, sos BBQ dan serbuk kari sket

Cara - cara
1. Blend bawang + bawang putih + serai ( dalam 2 batang )
2. Then gaulkan semua bahan2 tadi. Tambah secubit kunyit, garam, pepper.
3. Perap semalamam

2) Coleslaw

Bahan - bahan
Kobi Bulat yang padat dan kecik tuh, Carrot, Bawang Besar dan Lady's Choice Coleslaw

Cara - cara
1. Kobis dihiris halus2 memanjang
2. Then, hiris bawang jugak halus2 ( jgn terlalu banyak nanti rasa bergas )
3. Carrot di sagat dengan penyagat  ( tapi jgn terlalu byk sebab nanti tukar calour orange )
4. Pendek kata agak2 quantiti kobis, bawang dan carrot
5. Then, gaul semua bahan2 tadi ( agak2 colour dah meriah ) campurkan Lady's Choice Coleslaw. Tuang dan gaul rata2, if agak pekat campur air sket...biar dier juicy and ada kuah sket.
6. Pastuh, simpan dalam fridge bagi sejuk.

3) Mashed Potato

Bahan - bahan
Kentang Russet US  4 -5 bijik ( Kentang jenis lain tak best ), Fresh Milk, Butter, Black Pepper and Bawang Putih ( dalam 3 ulas )

Cara - cara
1. Rebus kentang yang dah dipotong dgn bawah putih yang dah diketuk. Masukkan garam, agak2 masin dier dan rebus sampai empuk
2. Tos air rebusan tadi dan buanglah bawang putih tadi.
3. Pastuh lenyek kentang dengan butter ( agak2 lah butter tuh dalam 1 ke 1 setengah sudu besar ) Sebab nak bagi rasa lemak kalo nak rasa lebih lemak, tambah lah lagi butter and tambah black pepper sket.
4. Lastly, masukkan fresh milk tuh sikit demi sikit untuk mash potato tadi lembut and lembik. Kena agak2...kalo nak lebih lembik, fresh milk tuh lebihkan. Teruskan melenyek hingga anda puas hati ngan kadar kelembutan dan kelembikan kentang tadi

4) Gravy

Bahan - bahan
Knorr Instant Gravy Mix, Mushroom dalam tin, Bawang besar, Bawang putih, Black Pepper

Cara - cara
1. Tumis bawang besar + bawang putih. Sampai naik bau, then masukkan air. Masak sampai mendidih.
2. Whisk air tuh dan masukkan instant gravy mix sikit2. Agak2 kadar kepekatan ( nak pekat tambah lagi the mix ) Teruskan whisk sampai anda puas hati dengan kepekatan gravy. Dah agak2 mendidih masukkan mushroom dan black pepper.

So inilah hasilnya...... TADAAAAA! :)

November 19, 2012

Entering the end trimester

Saper ckp 9 bulan tuh lama.....tup tap tup tap...tau2 I'm already on my 34th weeks of pregnancy. A couples of more weeks to go....

Hopefully, I'm going to have smooth and easy delivery too as the first one. InsyaAllah :)

So far mmg tak byk difference from the 1st one....even tho it's going to be a girl...Insyaallah. ( From last scanned, mmg nampak girl ), Just sakit2 cam biasa laaa....sakit2 pinggang, lenguh2 kaki etc maybe sebab faktor penuaan kot.. :P

InsyaAllah, it's going to be a baby girl. Alhamdulillah, Fayyadh agak excited nak dpt adik girl...ehehehehee.

Other than urinary infection, I don't have other far sumer Ok, Alhamdulillah

Owhh yaa...I was admitted last week....sebab ada raser contraction! Ahahahaaaa, panics jugak sebab baru at 33 week..mmg tak ready apa2.

It was on Deepavali holiday, the bosses email earlier that I need to do some work ( again, I was on leave that Monday and had a plan with my girlfriend ) So I just email request a few things and update the boss that I will deliver the thing on the next day.

So as promised, aku pon gigih laaa menyiapkan kerja... right after Maghrib prayer I continued my work and time tuh laaa tetiba rasa sakit on my lower abdomen and terasa sakit pinggang. Sumer rasa ada laaa tetiba mcm dahaga giler pastuh cam peluh sejuk nak kuar.... nampak sgt stress sebab pasal kena buat kerja agaknya :P

I went to the room and baring jap...mmg sakit giler...sambil mengenal pasti sakit apakah sebenarnya kan.... rasa berdenyut2 tuh mmg rasa cam contraction! So i quickly finished the work, email the boss and ready to go to Sunway Medical.

Masuk emergency and send straight to the Delivery Suite....and confirm mmg ada contraction every 2 mins! Ahahaaaa...aku pasrah, mmg tak ready pon still kecik. Aku pon tak confident cam nak kena beranak dah

After monitoring process for a few hours and taking some medication.... the contraction  reduced and fade away....ahahahahaa. Alhamdulillah....I was admitted for one night and discharge the next day and doc bagi sick leave for 2 weeks rehat kat rumah....

It's NOT the time yet!. My pain graph.....luckily, it fade away after a few hours :)

So here I'm.....on my mc mode. Eventhough pagi2 lagi dah ada org kaco soh email sumthing...ehehehehe. So sangat cam tak mc okay....

Till then...babai

November 5, 2012

10 Tanda - tanda Anak Anda Bijak ...

Found this link and I'm sharing this with my fellow bloggers.

Source :

Setiap ibu bapa akan berbangga jika dianugerahkan anak yang bijak, lebih-lebih lagi genius. Walaupun demikian, di mata ibu bapa, semua anak-anak mereka adalah bijak. Biar pun bukan semua anak dianugerahkan bakat untuk menjadi seorang yang Genius, namun masih terdapat beberapa panduan untuk mengukur sejauh mana bijaknya anak-anak anda. 10 tanda-tanda yang menunjukkan anak anda itu seorang yang bijak :-  

1. Mengekalkan Maklumat 
Jika kanak-kanak biasa bagaikan ‘masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan’ apabila diajar. Anak anda boleh dikatakan bijak jika mereka mampu menyimpan maklumat dan boleh mengingatinya pada masa yang lain. Minda kanak-kanak umpama span yang akan menyerap segala apa yang dilihat dan diajarkan kepadanya. Disebabkan itulah kita digalakkan mengajar anak-anak sejak dari usia kecil. Melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya.

2. Minat yang meluas
 Minda anak yang cerdas mungkin menunjukkan minatnya terhadap pelbagai topik di sekelilingnya. Bulan ini mungkin dia minat Dinasour, bulan depan pula angkasa lepas, bulan berikut pula topik yang lain dan begitulah seterusnya.

3. Membaca dan Menulis di awal usia
Anak anda boleh dikatakan seorang yang bijak jika dia mampu membaca dan menulis di awal usia biar pun tidak melalui pengajaran yang formal.

 4. Berbakat dalam seni muzik dan artistik
 Kanak-kanak yang boleh memaparkan bakat luar biasa dalam muzik atau seni seringkali dianggap berbakat.

5. Menunjukkan Konsentrasi 
Kanak-kanak biasa tidak diketahui tahap konsentrasinya biar pun dalam tempoh panjang, sebaliknya kanak-kanak yang bijak ini sentiasa menunjukkan konsentrasinya terhadap sesuatu.

6. Mempunyai ingatan yang baik
Sama seperti tanda No 1, sesetengah kanak-kanak boleh mengingati perkara-perkara yang mereka lakukan sewaktu mereka masih kecil.

7. Susun kata yang maju berbanding usia 
Kanak-kanak yang bijak berbicara ketika kecil jika kita sering berbual dengannya menggunakan ayat dan perbendaharaan kata sepertimana orang dewasa, akan cepat menyerap dan memahami apa yang dibualkan orang yang lebih dewasa. Misalnya anak-anak berusia 2 tahun akan berkata ‘Itu kucing’, sebaliknya anak-anak bijak ini akan berkata ‘Itu Kucing yang garang yang suka membuat bising di rumah kami’. Berbeza bukan?

8. Memberi perhatian yang terperinci
Kanak-kanak yang berbakat ini dapat mengingati dan peka dengan keadaan di sekelilingnya. Misalnya mampu untuk menyimpan barang permainannya di tempat ianya diambil. Atau menyedari jika sesuatu barang kesukaannya itu berubah kedudukan dan sebagainya.

 9. Bertindak sebagai pengkritik dirinya
Kanak-kanak di usia kecil tidak terlalu bimbang apa yang berlaku terhadap dirinya mahu pun orang lain, asalkan dia dapat apa yang dimahukannya. Sebaliknya kanak-kanak yang bijak akan bersikap berlawanan dan mengambil berat apa yang berlaku terhadap orang lain, tetapi apa yang lebih penting adalah dirinya.

10. Memahami konsep yang rumit
Kanak-kanak yang cerdas berkemampuan untuk memahami sesuatu perkara yang rumit, melihat hubung kait antaranya, dan berfikir secara abstrak. Mereka juga dapat memahaminya secara mendalam dan berfikir tentang jalan penyelesaiannya.

 p/s – Berbanggalah dengan anak-anak anda. Semua kanak-kanak adalah bijak, terpulang kepada kita sebagai ibu bapa untuk mencorakkannya.

November 4, 2012

SpongeBob DIY Costume ...

Remember on my last post on Kids DIY Costume Party ?

Well last minute plan, we've decided to do Sponge Bob Costume instead .... :)

Sponge Bob sample reference that I found online

So what do you need...? Easy.....All you need to have are Boxes, Paint, Masking tape, Tools : Scissors and Blade and also Felt ( optional )

The box : After we have taken Fayyadh's measurement

Some of the paint used. Acrylic and Spray

Then, we beautify the edges using the masking tape.

Next, we sprayed white color as first coating.

Then, followed with Yellow and Brown color....according to the SpongeBob shirt and pants color. Next we paint the eyes, mouth etc.

As a finishing touch, we used felt as the tongue, the necktie and also the belt. The option is yours, whether to paint of using felt, but I think using felt is easier and faster.

So, here are the end result

Fayyadh getting ready for his costume party...
And one happy and  satisfied customer.... ahahahahaha :D

Owhhh, tak satisfied sgt lah. He complained two things :
a) Tie tuh should be shorter
b) The hole is supposed to be in green color not orange

Ahahahaaa, sgt detail jugak mata Fayyadh nie. Ingatkan dier tak kisah,,,kisah rupanya...ihihihihih

100% hand made and paint by Mr.mcSteamy. Thank luv! Really appreciate it. Ummi just potong and tampal felt jer....

And we had so much fun preparing the costume.....Tgk fayyadh sgt happy and dengan bangganya showing off the costume. The reward is priceless...!!

October 25, 2012

Khasiat Cranberry Juice ...

Alhamdulillah....I'm already into my 3rd trimester. 10 more week to go more or less...

So far everything went smoothly, accept during my 28th week onwards, i was detected with urinary infection. Time Fayyadh dulu takder...entah laa faktor usia kot...ahahaaa

Tapi mmg azab okay..sgt2. Sgt sakit pinggang and nak berjalan pon susah. Yang paling x best, nak baring. Sumer position pon x best!

Read more on Urinary infection during pregnancy :

Camner boleh detect??...sebab tetiba demam panas. So pergi clinic, time check urine tuh laaa baru dpt tau.. can be treated - tapi kena telan antibiotics.  4 days flat terlentang kat umah....seriously, mmg flat. Asal makan ubat jer nak baring, baring n baring....

However, 2 weeks after that..kena balik the infection. Sebab symptom sakit pinggang tuh macam sama. So 2 time makan antibiotics....alhamdulillah, it went away..

Petua yang org bagi...byk2 minum cranberry juice.. tp mmg kena pandai cari yang pure juice, bukan bancuh tau.... So far it helps.. Raser dier macam agak masammmmm

Insyaallah...sesapa yg ada kencing kotor tuh boleh laaa cuba

October 24, 2012

Travelling to Resort World Sentosa - Part 2

Ok...where I left it...??

Ok....dalam bus. Mmg sangat puas hati dgn bus tuh....sgt selesa. Next is the immigration.
Overall view inside the bus
 Kalo naik kereta tak payah turun naik...duduk jer dalam kereta. Tapi since naik bus, kena laaa naik turun....2 check point immigresen yer. 1 Malaysia punya, and satu lagi Spore punya...

Tapi takder laaa susah sgt pon...since byk kaunter. Just kalo travel bwk stroller, agak leceh sket lah, kena bawak turun bagai....diaorg nak check...other than that, I'm glad and happy that both immigration are very efficient...lebih kurang 10 - 15 minit laaa at each check point..then settle and cleared...mmg cepat. Maybe sebab naik public transport kot. They have proper parking for busses and also clean pathway for the passengers....

Travelling to RWS took about 1 and half hrs rasernya. Bus sampai terus ke basement bawah. And tak susah nak cari exit from the basement to USS

Naik jer escalator nie....blakang tuh trus USS entrance.

So, since we all dah beli ticket online terus jer laa masuk, scan the tiket. Tp perlu diingatkan...kalo ader budget lebih elok laaa beli Express Passes...tak payah laaa menunggu nak beratur sebenarnya USS pon tak lah besar sgt kan...setakat beratur 10-15 mins to agak reasonable laaa...sambil2 tuh boleh amek gamba kan...

Kan....the long queue at Madagascar : A Crate Adventure. But it's okay, fast moving

Next we all jalan2 kat Far Far Away. Again, a long queue jugak nak tgk the Shrek 4-D Adventure tuh. Ada jugak rides, tapi sgt x mencabar - Enchanted Airways ala2 junior roller coaster..

Us infront Far Far Away Castle ...

Luckily, we all sempat to catch WaterWorld show at The Lost World. Tapi semua orang pon agak kiasu dah beratur panjang giler depan the gate entrance, infact 45min before... mmg kiasu. Tapi actually muat jer...besar giler tempat tuh....

Behind is the WaterWorld setup and props

Next, kitaorg layan the main most attraction! - Battlectar Galactica rides....yang mmg laaaa sgt menyeramkan... Since ada Fayyadh, so we all pon bergilir laaa kan..take turns. So lepak2 laaa sambil menunggu, amek2 gamba.... Inilah hasilnya :P

Jgn tiru aksi ini dirumah, Lagak ini dilakukan oleh pelakon lagak ngeri profesional
Luckily Mr. McSteamy rajin nak teman aku naik rides...eventho I knew that dier mmg tak minat ngan aktiviti adrenalin rush nie kan.. Mmg scary you olssss...!! Ingatkan nak naik dedua....tapi satu tuh pon dah raser lutut longgar sudaa kan.... Agak2 laaa sedar diri awak tuh mak orang kan...tak yah nak feeling2 cam org bujang! Ekekekkeeeee

Sempat laaa tangkap muat amek gamba ngan mamat nie.....Err saper ekk...?? Heheheheee

Sempat jugak kitaorg naik rides - Revenge of the Mummy at the Ancient Egypt. Rides nie mmg sgt2 menarik...Naik rides dalam gelap..tak tau maner nak pergi...atas ker bawah ker kiri ker kanan...hahaaa.. Mmg saspenn!

Unfortunately, by the time kitaorg nyer trip nie Transformer rides x siap lagi.....Harus repeat lagi kan
 Sempat laa merasa night view dekat Hollywood tuh...malam lagi cantik rasernya, sebab baru nampak lampu2 semua. Baru laaa feel ala2 Hollywood gitu

Us...fooling around :P
 All in all...okay jer. Feel dia biasa2 jer....maybe sebab dah pergi Movie World and Sea World last time. Rasernya tuh lagi best. Tapi rasernya USS nie agak kecik laa...raser cam sesak jugak..entah laaa...nie bukan peak hrs kan, kalo peak hrs mcm maner tah.... Janji dah merasa dtg USS kan...yang penting Fayyadh happy. After all, it's a good and quality time outing with the family :)

Us...before we end the day :)
 Since the bus will be departed at 10.30pm... ( bus depart from JB is at 10.30am ) so we have a few hrs to mingle around the RWS around. Dapat lah jugak tgk the Crane Show...agak menarik laaa with the sound and lighting etc.. Boleh jalan2 dekat the nearby shop..mcm2 laa ada. Hard Rock pon boleh laaa lepak makan2 or minum2 dulu...

Us yang dah kepenatan....while waiting for the bus at the basement
The End ...